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What do we do?

1. Educate

We educate the public on the shortcomings of our current electoral system. Learn what's wrong.

2. Discuss

We call for a democratic process to discuss which electoral system would be best for Canada. Learn about other electoral systems.

3. Reform

We meet and organize to change the electoral system, within and between referendums

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Over 500 Canadian Academics call on the parties to work together towards a fair and democratic voting system.

On Tuesday September 15, the United Nations Democracy Day, Fair Vote Canada is pleased to announce two initiatives:

500 Canadian Academics, including former Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page, several Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, 29 Canada Research Chairs and two Professors with the Order of Canada, have signed an open letter by Professor Peter Russell, calling on all Parties to work together to implement a more proportional voting system

Liberal candidate Anita Vandenbeld pledges support for proportional representation

OTTAWA (April 20, 2015) – The National Capital Chapter of Fair Vote Canada (FVC) today announced that Anita Vandenbeld, the Liberal Party of Canada candidate for the federal riding of Ottawa West– Nepean, has signed Fair Vote Canada’s Politicians’ Pledge. The pledge affirms the candidate’s support for proportional representation (PR) and commits the candidate to work toward electoral reform if elected.

Most OECD countries use PR; they are doing just fine

As an advocate for my (along with 7 million other Canadians) vote to actually count, I often run into Italy and Israel as an argument against proportional representation.

Currently, most OECD countries use some form of PR system. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland all use proportional representation and they are all doing just fine.

A thank you to NCR MPs who voted in favour of PR

Letter sent to NCR MPs who voted in favor of Craig Scott's motion on PR

To: David McGuinty , Françoise Boivin , Mathieu.Ravignat , Mauril Bélanger , Nycole Turmel , Paul Dewar

Cc: Scott Simms , Justin Trudeau , Craig Scott , Tom Mulcair

Dear NCR MPs,

Letter to NCR MPs in support of Craig Scott motion

Dear MPs of the NCR,

A motion will be introduced tomorrow by the member for Toronto–Danforth, Craig Scott, calling on the House to ensure that the votes of Canadians are effectively translated into proper representation in our national legislature:


That, in the opinion of the House: (a) the next federal election
should be the last conducted under the current first-past-the-post
electoral system which has repeatedly delivered a majority of seats to
parties supported by a minority of voters, or under any other

Fair Vote Canada NCR chapter statement about municipal ranked ballots

An idea for electoral reform that has generated some interest in political circles and the media over the last 12 months or so is that of "ranked ballots" otherwise known as preferential voting. While ranked ballots can be used to good effect depending upon the circumstances and on how it is implemented, the model being advocated by the current lobby is a close cousin of our current first-past-the-post system, properly called the Alternative Vote mechanism (AV). In Ontario, pro-AV lobby groups have appeared in Toronto and other Ontario cities, including Ottawa.

Alternative Vote not a compromise

In response to:

Fred Twilley presents "Instant Runoff Elections" and "Preferential Ballot" as a compromise (Many options for democratic renewal, Oct 7th 2014).

But it is no compromise.

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