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What do we do?

1. Educate

We educate the public on the shortcomings of our current electoral system. Learn what's wrong.

2. Discuss

We call for a democratic process to discuss which electoral system would be best for Canada. Learn about other electoral systems.

3. Reform

We meet and organize to change the electoral system, within and between referendums

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What are the right questions to design a voting system?

Question 2 of the town halls have been:

What specific features are important to you in our electoral system? Local representation, proportionality, simplicity, legitimacy, inclusiveness, effectiveness?

It’s easy to say « all of them ». Here is question 2 broken down into sub questions that contrast the various options in designing a voting system:

  1. Should the legislature have some proportionality or not? If not, are you aware the last time a majority government was elected by a majority of voters was in 1984?

Kerry Diotte totally wrong on many points

On Thursday 9th of June, MP Kerry Diotte (Edmonton Griesbach) published the "10 good reasons to keep our voting system as is". If a politician confuses voting system like in point #4 and #6, I think it proves the difficulty of having an informed electorate in a pre-implementation referendum.

The governing Liberals insist we must have a new system of voting for future federal elections. Here are 10 reasons why this is a very bad idea:

Presentation notes

I have been doing many presentation on voting systems. Here are my presentation notes:

The slides are available in PDF format in English and in French.

Chapter AGM: Opposition Critics Nathan Cullen and Scott Reid on Electoral Reform in 2016

Date: Monday May 2nd.
Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM, event starts at 7 PM.
Where: Tom Brown Arena, 141 Bayview Road, Ottawa, Ontario
RSVP: or on Facebook at

Proportional voting systems maitain local or near-local representation

Re: "Avoiding a referendum on electoral reform would be Trudeau’s first error" (

Wow! One can tell the national post really doesn't want equal and effective voting. They've been featuring referendum advocates for the past month.

Referendum advocates: happily ignoring the real question

Re: The Liberal government does not have the right to unilaterally change our voting system (

The referendum argument is a straw man's argument which conveniently ignores the real discussion that must happen: is our voting system legitimate (did we have a referendum on FPTP)? Does it treat voters equally?

BC voted for PR

Though Mr. Honickman offers a somewhat balanced view of the matter, he is factually wrong on one point in his piece "The people need their say on proportional representation" (November 13, 2015 1:02 PM ET). I'd also debate him on a few more points.

In proportional representation, all candidates face voters

Dear editor,

David Melnick spreads one huge wrong fact about proportional voting systems, along with the usual fear mongering, in his opinion piece on November 3rd 2015 ("Proportional representation would thwart democracy")**.

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