Fair Vote Canada NCR Chapter executives support proportional representation (referendum option A)

Following the announcement of a referendum on the Alternative Vote by Fair Vote Canada's National Council, the undersigned members of the National Capital Region (Ottawa - Gatineau) Chapter executives have released the following statement.

Elected members of the National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter executive are in favour of option A, that is "Fair Vote Canada's mandate is to promote Proportional Representation and that Fair Vote Canada only support systems that are proportional, at all levels of government."



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Julien Lamarche
NCR Chapter
Fair Vote Canada


Fair Vote Canada National Capital Region Chapter AGM Looks Ahead to 2015

Fair Vote Canada’s National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter held its 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 20th—during Democracy Week. The AGM was well-attended with over 50 people filling the activity room at the Sandy Hill Community Centre.

Fair Vote's mission is to educate and lobby on the benefits of changing elections to a more proportional voting system. The NCR chapter carries Fair Vote's mission in the capital's region ten tidings.


Nathan Cullen @ Fair Vote Canada National Capital Region AGM 2012

Date: =Thursday September 20th 2012

Doors open at 6:30, event starts at 7:00

Sandy Hill Community Centre
250 Somerset Street East, Ottawa, ON (modifier la carte)


Fair Vote Pubnight

Fair Vote is having a pub night on Friday the 10th. Please join us!

Details on the chapter's Meetup.com group:




Fair Vote Canada has, until 2012, urged politician to sign the Declaration of Voters Rights. Since then, we have a separate Politician Pledge for political representatives and candidates.


A response to the Liberal Party of Ontario standard template response to our questions

Note: this was within the context of the 2011 election

Every Liberal Party of Ontario candidate sent a standard reply to our questions about electoral reform, which was basically "we did our best in 2007". Here is our response to Mr. McNeely:

Bonjour Tim,

Congratulations to Mr. McNeely winning another mandate.

We are thankful for the work the Liberals did on voting reform and we
understand the difficulty in re-introducing an issue that was turned
down by Ontarians.

However, the effort must be called into question. An Environics poll


Report from Ottawa-Centre all candidates meeting

Martin Hyde report back from a Ottawa-Centre all candidates debate. If you have a report back from an ACM of a different riding, please let us know.