Interview on CPAC

(with apologies to my Facebook friends who have already seen this)

I had the pleasure of a TV interview on CPAC. Their studios are located on the 17th floor of the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa. The interview went very well, better than I expected. I believe it is because I wasn't very concious of the cameras.... and because I talk about this every other day, at the expense of my co-workers and friends. :-)


Modernizing backwards

The current government has introduced a voluntary method of electing nominees to the Senate. Senate reform is more subject to the constitution then reform of the House of Commons, so I'm not sure how critical we can be of the current government of this initiative being a /voluntary/ framework for electing *nominees*. It is dissapointing however that the election system suggested is First Past the Post, an outdated system invented when people thought the Earth was flat.


Open letter to Hon. Ralph Goodale, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Bonjour Mr. Goodale,

I was impressed by your responses to the questions Peter Van Dusen asked you on CPAC. I took notice of how important it is to centre decisions around facts and not ideology.

I would be curious to know your position on electoral reform. The Liberal party as a whole has been very hesitant to support electoral reform. Your party would have had twice the seats under proportional representation. Even more so if we look just at Ontario where your party won 25% of the votes but 10% of the seats.

Lets look at some of the facts:


50,4% of all votes did not elect anyone is reporting that 50,4% of all votes did not go to a winning candidate. Some interesting facts:


Initiatives & projects

Test page to see how we can get volunteers to support their own initiatives.


Ottawa Day of Action Rally

I will be speaking on behalf of Fair Vote Canada at the Ottawa Day of Action for Electoral reform.

Date: Saturday 14th of May
Time: 2 pm
Location: Wellington & Elgin (*not* Parliament Hill)

Fair Vote volunteers will be gathering at 1:30 at Darcy McGee at 44 Sparks. If you plan on joining us at Darcy, please RSVP so we can make the right amount of reservations.

More info at



Systematic misrepresentation

In an opinion piece titled "We did not get 'the wrong government'" published in the Ottawa Citzen on May 11th, Paul Tuns makes quite allot of misinformed statements about proportional representation and the movement advocating for it.


Election of candidates with questionable qualifications is an argument for list systems

First and foremost, I wish to say that it is not a wish of Fair Vote or mine to further antagonize the newly elected representatatives of questionable qualifications. The media has done that enough. In fact, though its always desirable to have experienced candidates, I'm happy that Canada's young adults are better represented with this election.

Having said that, I think it does prove that a sizable proportion of voters , for better or for worse, will vote for party, not the candidate. Is it because of laziness, ignorance or because of the media's focus on the party leaders?


How to help (blog post)

First things first!

Please go to to sign up. Make sure to indicate your city and postal code so we can alert you of activities in your area.

Once that is done:

  • Consider becoming a monthly donnor: .  We need more staff, and we can only do it with monthly donations.
  • Read our literature on Fair Voting.  For a broader and more basic introduction, read a primer on Fair Voting.
  • No matter what party they are from, email or write to your MP and MPP and ask that they take initiative on proportional representation.  
    • An often complaint from representative Fair Vote receives is "we are not hearing this at the doorstep".   That must change before we get any initiative on this from government.  Don't stop yourself to the assumption that he or she is for or against because of party affiliation. For example, we've seen unexpected support from prominent Liberals and unexpected opposition from prominent NDPers. For or against, they must hear it on their doorstep before we see progress on the matter.
    • Look up your MP on Elections Canada and MPP onElections Ontario.
    • A rule of thumb representatives use is:
      • Each phone call to the local office represents 10 other people with the same opinion;
      • Each email represents 100 people;
      • Each letter represents 500 people;
      • Each visit represents 1 000 people.
  • Write a letter to a newspaper.
    • A short list of e-mail addresses for Ottawa newspapers are here:
    • Most newspapers require your name, phone number and address for verification purposes
    • Letters are usually limited to 300 words 
    • For major newspapers, try to send them individually to each newspaper so they look exclusive.

Canadians cheated again by voting system says Fair Vote Canada

For immediate release
May 3, 2011

Canada’s national citizens’ movement for voting reform has released analysis of Tuesday’s federal election results showing that the outcome does not accurately reflect the way Canadians voted.

“The Conservative party increased their vote percentage by less than two points,” says Fair Vote Canada (FVC) President Bronwen Bruch, “but this allowed them to win 24 more seats than in 2008, when they were already over-represented. Stephen Harper calls this a ‘decisive endorsement’, but we call it a rip-off.”