Myths about parliamentary democracy clarified

National office published the following press release today:

For immediate release

May 2, 2011

"With opinion polls in disarray, advance polls at record levels, vote mobs sweeping the nation's campuses, and an orange wave on the horizon, the results of today's election are likely to put us into unexplored territory," says Bronwen Bruch, President of Fair Vote Canada. "The Governor General may be called upon to sort it all out."


Responses to questionaire

The Ottawa chapter of Fair Vote Canada sent out a questionaire to all Conservative, Green, Liberal, NDP candidates on the 23rd of April and to the Pirate Party candidate on the 29th of April. Ridings included were Pontiac, Gatineau, Hull-Aylmer, Ottawa-Centre, Ottawa-Vanier, Ottawa-Orleans, Ottawa-South, CMM, Ottawa-West-Nepean, Nepean-Carleton. The question was:
1. Will you commit to putting reforming our current electoral system (for the lower house) to a more proportional system on the table in the House of Commons without tying it to Senate reform? 2.

Your chapter is mobilizing!

Bonjour à tous,

As the final weeks of the election approaches, your chapter is mobilizing to be present at as many all candidates debates as possible to ask questions the candidates and collect signatures for the Declaration of Voters' Rights.

Here's what you can do to help:

Fair Vote Canada supports NDP call for proportional representation

Update 2014/12/03, 00:26: A few posts on twitter have appeared in December 2014 linking to this article. This news release was actually published 2 years ago. A call to action for the 2014 NDP motion has been published on Facebook. A CBC article article on the 2014 motion is also available.


Voters' Rights NOW - Fair Vote Canada National AGM (open to non-members)

What: Fair Vote Canada National AGM (open to non-members)
Date: Saturday 29th of May 2010
Time: 8:30-5:00 pm
Location: University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building, 55 Laurier Ave East, 12th floor - Room 12102
Wheelchair access: Yes

Price: 10$-60$, depending on income type and food
Registration & agenda:

More info: 416-410-4034 or email

Join us to learn about and discuss the issues, strategy and tactics for advancing the fight for fair voting and proportional representation at all levels of government.


Elizabeth May at Ottawa chapter Fair Vote AGM

Date: Tuesday 27th of April
Time: 7 pm
Location: Sandy Hill Community Centre, 250 Sommerset Street East.
Wheelchair access: Yes
Transit routes:
- #16 brings you at the door
- #5 brings you within walking distance
- Campus transitway station within walking distance



Attached you will find our constitution in PDF and Open Office format.

Open Office is a free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office. You can download it freely or read about why you should get it.



Additional volunteers are needed for:
  • Newsletter coordinator
  • group manager
  • Kijiji & craigslist publisher
  • Website editor
  • AGM organizer
  • Public leafletting organizer
  • Membership communications
  • Event photographer
  • Wine & cheese organizer
  • Pub night organizer
  • Letter writting event organizer
Contacts are needed to liaise with:
  • Any federal or provincial political party
  • Unions
  • Community newspapers
  • Schools
Please sign up at

Sun publishes two pro-PR articles

The Sun published recently two articles that speak in favor of proportional representation.

Electoral reform would help women in politics (Paul Berton)

Status quo woes (Michael Den Tandt)


Ottawa chapter to meet right before anti-prorogation rally

The Ottawa chapter of Fair Vote Canada will meet on the 23rd of January at noon at Darcy McGee, 44 Sparks St. to chat & prepare right before attending the anti-prorogation rally in the afternoon on Parliament Hill.

Many members of the executive will be there to give Fair Vote Canada a strong presence, and mobilize supporters.

We hope you can join us too either at Darcy or on the Hill.