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About us

Fair Vote Canada's mission is to ger rid of the current voting system called First-Past-The-Post, or Single Member Plurality. SMP has many flaws such as :

  • Lack of political representation:
  • Unstable government:
  • Underrepresentation of women and minorities:

We believe the voting system must achieve the following objectives:

  • Proportional representation: The supporters of all political parties should be fairly represented in proportion to the votes they cast. Parties should have no more and no fewer seats than their popular support warrants. There should be no phony majority governments.
  • Fair representation for women, and for minorities and Aboriginals: Our legislatures should reflect the diversity of our society. To enable this, voting systems must be designed to remove barriers to the nomination and election of those who are under-represented.
  • Accountable government: Our voting system should give us governance which is stable but responsive, flexible but principled, which reflects the will of the majority, but which respects the rights of all.
  • Geographic representation: Rural and urban voters must be fairly represented. Provinces and regions must have effective and accountable representation in parliaments and governments, reflecting real geographic communities.
  • Real voter choice: Our voting system must promote real competition among candidates and political parties. No voter should be disenfranchised for living in a safe riding. No voter should feel compelled to vote strategically for the lesser of evils because the preferred candidate or party has no chance of winning the riding.