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What are the right questions to design a voting system?

Question 2 of the town halls have been:

What specific features are important to you in our electoral system? Local representation, proportionality, simplicity, legitimacy, inclusiveness, effectiveness?

It’s easy to say « all of them ». Here is question 2 broken down into sub questions that contrast the various options in designing a voting system:

  1. Should the legislature have some proportionality or not? If not, are you aware the last time a majority government was elected by a majority of voters was in 1984?
  2. Should a local candidate obtain 50% or a plurality to represent a 1 seat riding?
  3. Regardless of your answer in question 1, do you prefer single (smaller riding) or multi seat ridings (more competition & choice)?
  4. How should list seats be made? Closed, open, flexible, best loosers?
  5. What proportion of seats should be allocated to list seats? Pick any number between 0 and 50%.
  6. To accommodate list seats, from 1 to 10, should we enlarge ridings (1) or increase the number of MPs (10)?

Views expressed represent those of Julien Lamarche and not of Fair Vote Canada