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50,4% of all votes did not elect anyone is reporting that 50,4% of all votes did not go to a winning candidate. Some interesting facts:

- Liberal party supporters had the largest amount of votes wasted with 30,3% of votes wasted, next is the NDP with 29,2%
- Vancouver Centre was the riding with the highest amount of wasted votes with 69% not going to the winning candidate
- 53% of MPs did not get the majority support of their constituents
- Some very interesting distortions if you go down to the province level. For example, in Ontario, Liberals got 25% of the vote, but only 10% of the seats. In Quebec, the Bloc got 23% of the vote but 5% of the seats. In Alberta, the NDP got 17% of the vote but only 4% of the seats.

The voting system does not reflect the political diversity of the regions of Canada. Join the largest organization dedicated to changing the electoral system

Conservative supporters can cheer for this election. Their party has really managed to split the vote in all provinces and are over-represented everywhere. But any CPC supporter thinking about this long term will realize it won't last forever. Kim Campbell got 2 seats with 16% and the majority government with the lowest amount of support was Chrétien Liberal government with 38% of the vote in 1997. Its not going to last forever and any Canadian voter who wants an accountable government would want to stop the wasting of votes. How can MPs be held accountable with so many wasted votes? Conservative Senator Hugh Segal and former president of the Canadian Tax Payers Federation Walter Robinson know better: they support