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What is wrong?

Are you tired of the many elections? Would you like your vote to count without having to vote strategically? Would you like to have a greater diversity of men, women and ethnicities? Would you like parties to co-operate rather than insult each other? So do we. We are the Ottawa-Gatineau chapter of Fair Vote Canada. Here's why we want to change the current electoral system.

It's unfair, and politicians know it
Why would we use a voting system that no political party use to elect their leader? Politicians of all stripe know that this system is unfair and should be changed. But they won't unless you demand it.

It's unstable
In 5 years we've had 3 elections, almost 4. A minute swing in votes can lead to a large swing in seats. For example, a 7% share increase in vote lead to 15% increase in seats for the conservatives in 2006. A few seats can mean the difference between being the opposition and in government; between minority and majority. That's why there's a huge incentive to call an election as soon as there is a small change in votes.

It's unrepresentative
It doesn't take into account a large proportion of votes. In fact, in the 2008 federal election, 51% of all votes did not go to a winning candidates. A candidate can win with as little as 30% of the vote, like in Gatineau for the same election. That candidate doesn't need to represent everyone in the riding to win the election again. Liberals out west, Conservatives in Toronto, Greens across Canada. They all go under-represented. Meanwhile, while the NDP gets more votes than the Bloc, the NDP gets fewer seats.

Little diversity
"western" countries that use our current electoral system have lower representation of women and minorities. Canada is 48th behind Pakistan in women representation.