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Interview on CPAC

(with apologies to my Facebook friends who have already seen this)

I had the pleasure of a TV interview on CPAC. Their studios are located on the 17th floor of the World Exchange Plaza in Ottawa. The interview went very well, better than I expected. I believe it is because I wasn't very concious of the cameras.... and because I talk about this every other day, at the expense of my co-workers and friends. :-)

The interviwer really wanted to know what FVC proposed as an alternative to FPTP. He spent about 3 questions on the subject, trying to get me to explain a model. This is a drawback in our strategy: we don't propose any particular alternative to the current system, we just want a voting system that is sufficiently proportional. That is not to say that we should change our strategy. We have that strategy for two reasons: ultimately, it is the government that chooses the model, not us, and the mouvement can get quite fragmented when debating voting systems. Nevertheless, it does make our message less clear.

The interview starts at 14:20 into the show. The English translated version starts at . The original French version is at​w_rp_may17-11_fre.asx