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A response to the Liberal Party of Ontario standard template response to our questions

Note: this was within the context of the 2011 election

Every Liberal Party of Ontario candidate sent a standard reply to our questions about electoral reform, which was basically "we did our best in 2007". Here is our response to Mr. McNeely:

Bonjour Tim,

Congratulations to Mr. McNeely winning another mandate.

We are thankful for the work the Liberals did on voting reform and we
understand the difficulty in re-introducing an issue that was turned
down by Ontarians.

However, the effort must be called into question. An Environics poll
from June 2007 found that 70% did not know about the proposed reform,
and more than 50% knew nothing about the referendum; Elections Ontario
began its public education campaign in August, with the election on
October 10; only $6.825 million was spent on the referendum, while
Fair Vote Canada called for a minimum of $13 million (adequate funding
would have provided a pamphlet to each household, a part-time
Referendum Resource Officer in every riding, a call centre and a
website); Elections Ontario failed to distribute leaflets and a brief
summary prepared by the Citizen’s Assembly to every household; by
September 2007, a Strategic Counsel poll found that 47% of respondents
knew nothing about the proposed reform, 41% were somewhat informed,
while only 12% were informed.

I look forward to hearing Mr. McNeely on the matter in person and I
encourage him to sign the declaration of voters rights at

Ontario has hit a new record low in voter turnout with a 46%
participation rate. OECD countries with proportional voting system
have a higher voter turnout. In addition, 52% of votes in the ridings
of Ottawa-Vanier, Ottawa-Orleans, Ottawa-Centre, Ottawa West-Nepean,
Ottawa South and Carleton Mississipi Mills have elected no one. The
issue is still outstanding and deserve full attention if we wish to
restore proper representation to the legislature.

Thank you for your time,